Thank you for a lovely day. It was very relaxed and enjoyable - Chris

What a really good weekend with just the right balance between listening and playing - Louise

Just to say thank you to you and the team for the festival. Unfortunately I could only manage Saturday this year - it was a great day, yet again! Paul and Tim were excellent - Sandie

Thank YOU, for organising such a great event, I really enjoyed it, as did the people who came with me - I think they will all be back next year - Liz

A BIIIIIIIIIIG  THANK YOU  to you and everyone on the organising end. You went to infinite trouble to make as sure as possible that our weekend would run smoothly, and thanks to that I could almost imagine I was basking in the luxery of a 5 star hotel. It was such a joy to participate in the masterclass, listening and playing. Paul was always kind, knowing what not to say,covering loads of aspects of technique and giving masses of helpful information to fire my teaching up for a year at least - Pam

It felt like I was soaring with eagles in order to learn to fly! - Adele

Thank you for a lovely weekend. Paul Edmund-Davies is a superb flautist and it has been wonderful to benefit from all his knowledge, skills and expertise - Kate

Another wonderful weekend, inspiring and motivational. Paul is a wonderful exponant of the flute, and Tim, well what can I say - Sarah Hanley

Should happen at least 3 times a year! One of my favourite flutey events - wonderful people, wonderful hospitality, wonderful music, wonderful place etc etc etc - Tim Carey (hmmm thanks Tim - had you been drinking)

Congratulations on organising a very well thought out weekend. It was wonderful fun and even though I was exhausted at the end it was well worth it! - Paul Edmund-Davies.